Wicca Spells and Wiccan Love Spells

What is Wicca and what Wiccan Spells can do for you

Wicca spells come from the neopagan religion of Wicca.  Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft that is only about sixty years old.   Some people call Wicca simply “witchcraft” or “the Craft”. It is a religion that was originally developed in England but has since spread around the world. 
You shouldn’t take the newness of Wicca to mean that Wiccan spells are not powerful. They have been tested as tried and true and can help you with all areas of your life.  There are Wicca spells for good health and for other natural things.  There are Wicca love spells that can draw a lover to you or repel an unwanted suitor from you. 

Wicca is what they call a duotheistic religion, meaning that they worship two deities and call upon these deities in the success of Wicca spells.  The two deities are referred to as the Goddess and God.  They are together viewed as the Triple Goddess and the Horned God.  They are viewed simply as parts of a single pantheistic Godhead.  You may be attracted to spells that call upon the power of the Goddess or to spells that call upon the power of the God. 

People who practice Wicca are involved in the practice of magic.  The magic can be solo magic in which a Wicca spell is practiced by a Wiccan.  There is also ceremonial magic, often influenced by very old magic, which follows the Wicca Rede or Wiccan code of morality.  There are multiple seasonal celebrations that practitioners of Wicca look forward to and have specific rituals associated with it.  There are usually eight total celebrations each year, which are based on the position of the sun. 

Wicca is broken up into various traditions, some of which are called Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions.  Each practices its variation on Wicca tradition and each has some of the same Wiccan spells, including Wiccan love spells. 

The Horned God is associated with spells coming out of nature, the wilderness, hunting, the life cycle and sexuality.  A small number of Wicca practitioners refer to the god as the Devil or as Lucifer.  The Triple Goddess is associated with Wicca spells related to virginity, fertility and wisdom.  She is associated strongly with the moon and is sometimes called Diana.  Many people in Wicca believe that the power and influence of the goddess is greater than that of the god.

Wicca love spells can be very simple.  The most important spell involves thinking about what blocks you from receiving love.  You need to then use soap and water to wash those negative thoughts and feelings away.  This paves the way for other Wicca love spells to work.  Another spell involves understanding the path of love.  You need to get five red roses and drop a rose a block away from your house.  Drop three more roses as you get nearer to your house and drop the fifth rose at your door.  Chant “This is the path of love.  My true love will find me”.  In this way you have given your potential new love a path to your door. 

While sounding simple, the Wicca love spells as noted above are based upon powerful magic and can help you achieve the things you want to achieve.