White Magic Spells and White Magic Love Spells

What is White Magic and what White Magic Spells can do for you

White magic focuses on positive energy within the universe and makes use of deities that are positive and loving in nature.  White magic is considered to be the opposite of black magic; however, they share many features and accomplish the same types of goals. 

White magic spells are done using rituals, which are specifically designed speech and actions that invoke benevolent spirits and make things happen.  White magic can play a role in love spells, rituals to bring about health and rituals that can rid you of someone or something.  In the rituals of white magic, the words spoken can be in Latin, in English or in the language of the speaker.  The white magic spells work best when an action is attached to a set of words that together create the totality of the spell. 

White magic is extremely symbolic.  One symbol involved in white magic is the pentagram, which is used in many white magic spells.  There can be actions that are symbolic in white magic spells that must be performed in order to make the spell work.  The timing of the spell must be paid attention to as well.  Some work better in a new moon situation and others work better in full moon situations.  The waxing or waning of the moon is important as well.

White magic spells use candles to help the spell work.  The color of the candle is important to the intention of the spell.  White and yellow candles are extremely popular and each conveys its specific intention. 

In one such spell of initiation, the following spell is done:
The spell begins after sunset on a night of a new moon.  White and yellow candles are lit and a vase of carnations along with a bay leaf are put alongside the candles.  The witch says a prayer to the white deities calling in the guardians and the elements to create energy and help the individual find a specific path.  The candles are kept until they burn down and the rest is removed after they die.  This is a powerful spell of initiation. 

White magic love spells are very popular and are powerful when it comes to drawing in a new lover.  White magic love spells can be used to dissolve a relationship but it is more popularly used in the former case.  The power of white magic spells is in the things used around the spell.  There can be spells that use pink or red candles (or both).   The spells often use specific herbs to create the ambiance of the spell.  A pentagram can be drawn or otherwise used to draw out the power of the goddesses and other deities. 

Spells of white magic do not always work and it doesn’t mean that the magic isn’t powerful enough.  You need to take into account the phase of the moon and the day of the week and time of the day.  Sometimes you just can’t substitute materials and supplies for the spell.  You need to use the right item and to use it in the right way. The emotional condition of the person doing the white magic spell makes a difference and you always have to consider what the will of the Universe is at any given point in time.  While you can do white magic love spells on your own, it is sometimes more helpful to use a practitioner of white magic so that you get someone with a lot of experience doing your spells.