Voodoo Spells and Voodoo Love Spells

How to use Voodoo Spells to improve your life and solve your love and relationship problems

You can learn how to do any one of three types of voodoo, including Haitian voodoo, Louisiana Voodoo (also called New Orleans Voodoo) and West African voodoo.  They are all important and powerful forms of voodoo and the types of voodoo spells you choose depend on your belief system and the type of voodoo your friends and relatives practice. 

Voodoo spells, including voodoo love spells are very old religions and old practices from many centuries ago.  Voodoo spells have a relationship to Catholicism.  Louisiana voodoo spells emphasize gris-gris, hoodoo occult paraphernalia and voodoo queens, who specialize in the casting of powerful voodoo spells. 

All types of voodoo have a close connection to the African practice of voodoo and was passed to the US and Haiti during the slave trade.  In booth Haiti and Louisiana, voodoo love spells and the practice of voodoo were Anglicized and took on a life of their own. 

Voodoo spells place a strong emphasis on the making and wearing of charms, including amulets used for protection or to harm others.  There is a voodoo spell which uses a poisonous root of the maudit tree in the form of a charm used along with a voodoo spell.  The root was mixed in with incense, bone, nails, candles, holy bread and crucifixes.  A ritual is performed which acts as a voodoo spell on a specific person. 

Voodoo, particularly Louisiana or New Orleans voodoo, places a great deal on the worship of one’s ancestors and on the respect of one’s elders.  This historically meant that elderly slaves had a longer survival rate than they otherwise would.  There is no ancient book of voodoo and all of the voodoo spells are translated orally, or written down in the present time. 

Voodoo spells aren’t all about bad things.  Voodoo is all about influencing life events and serving others to a good end.  It is all related to a deep and undying connection to spirits, nature, and one’s ancestors.  It is better to do a ritual behind closed doors and without displaying what you’re doing.  It is considered disrespectful to perform voodoo in public.  Methods of voodoo include magical readings, spiritual baths and particular diets, along with prayers and private ceremonies.

Voodoo can be used to take care of many things, including curing diseases like addictions, anxiety, loneliness and depression.  If you have an individual you want to fall in love with you, you can use a powerful voodoo love spell.  One simple love spell is best done on a Friday night in which the moon is full.  You’ll need a sheet of lined paper, a red pen or marker, an envelope for the paper, your favorite perfume and your favorite shade of red lipstick.  Find a few ping or red flower petals and write down the qualities you want in a lover.  Spray the paper with your perfume and put the paper in the envelope.   Don’t seal it.  Hold the flowers in your right hand and squeeze them, seeing yourself as a happy, in love kind of person.  Put the petals in the envelope and seal the envelope.  Kiss the envelope and hide it in a safe place.  Never open it again or you will break the magic of the spell.