How to Ensure Success with Spells

How to cast spells that work and what you can do to ensure success in spell casting

Most people who have used spells to solve their problems or find true love often end up being unsuccessful and disheartened. This further lessens their faith in spells and its effects. However people seeking the help of spell casters and spells to find solutions to their problems should be aware of the importance of certain things that decide the success of the spells. 

To ensure success with spells, you should use the right ingredients and the right spell and cast it at the right time. Also it is not just the right spell but also the right witch or spell caster who can ensure true success of the spell. Spells work on the concept of energy flow. It serves well to use a spell that includes a spiritual cleansing to open yourself and the person you are casting the spell on so that the flow of energies is smooth and constant. Just as you are honest to your lawyer and your doctor, you should also be honest about your wishes and your situation with the spell caster.

Whether it is free spells that you are casting or casting spells with the help of a witch or spell caster, it is important that you follow all instructions that are given to you irrespective of how mundane or repetitive they seem. Remember that these instruction\s are given to you on purpose and to ensure the success of the spell. The most important aspect of anything connected to divinity is faith, belief.

It is very crucial that you believe in the witch / spell caster you are working with and the spell being cast for it to be successful. You need to let the magic work for you and not dwell on the spell. Even the strongest and the best of spells take time to show results. Spells do not force anybody to do anything against their own will instead it creates a favorable environment for the person who has cast the spell so that they can get what they want. And these things take time to work. Spells are only positive energies and hence should never be used to invoke any negativity. Being realistic about your wishes will greatly help you in achieving what you want. The law of the universe is you get what you need and deserve, not what you are obsessed with.  

Spell casters use different ingredients to focus their energy and power into the spells and invoke and enable the power of the spell, allowing it to manifest in this material world. The ingredients include leaves, flowers, herbs, oils, crystals, tarot cards, tree barks and other things depending on the type of spell being cast. These ingredients are essentially chosen for their magical properties and positive energy. For instance love being a strong and powerful emotion works well with the pink color. Hence rose petals, rose quartz etc are used to cast love spells. Similarly green is related to wealth and abundance. Money spells are normally cast using Aventurine crystal. 

The second most important concept in spell casting is the power and influence of the Moon. Even the scientific world understands the unseen power of the Moon which can move oceans and earth. Depending on the type of spell being cast, the positioning of the Moon is crucial.  
Another aspect that makes spell casting successful is representing the elements of the wish at a place where the ritual is performed. For instance lighting a candle to represent fire, igniting herbs like sage which when vaporized carry your message to the Universe and the atmosphere, representing your wishes through inscriptions or photos and other material things can all increase the chances of the success of the spell.