Santeria Spells and Santeria Love Spells

Casting Santeria Spells and Santeria Love Spells and how to make them work for you

Santeria is a West African religion that is based on the relationship with ordinary human beings as well as with powerful spirits that are also mortal.  These spirits are called Orishas.  Orishas are parts of a single god called Olodumare.  The followers of Santeria believe that specific spirits will allow them a better life and undergo certain rituals that allow them a closer connection and success from the Orishas. The relationship between the Orishas must be mutual for the same thing to work.

The basis behind Santeria is that each person has a destiny that is given to them by God.  We need the help of the Orishas in order to achieve that destiny.  One of the ways you can establish a devotion to the Orisha is through the sacrifice of animals.  The Orishas are not immortal and need the animal sacrifices in order to survive. 

Santeria is related to the Catholic religion as they use some of the Catholic saints as Orishas.  One can be a follower of Santeria and a Roman Catholic at the same time.  In some Santeria spells, catholic symbols are used in some of the practices. 

Santeria is also known as the “way of the saints” and has its origins in Africa.  It has since also moved to be practiced in the Caribbean.  It is popular in Cuba.  Santeria spells, including Santeria love spells are powerful faith-based spells that can actually achieve the end you want for it.  It is what’s called a “syncretic religion” because it had grown past its origins in Yoruba and in Catholicism to become a practical religion of its own.  It has powerful ties to Afro-Cuban culture.  It used to be a ghetto-based religion practiced only by the poor of Cuba and related areas.  It has spread to become a religion for Americans and those all over the world. 

One practice, besides Santeria spells and Santeria love spells, involves the building of altars for the home.  One the altars, the practitioners place rum, cake, flowers, cigars and other things that appease the gods.  The wearing of white is associated with purity and is favored by those that practice Santeria. 

Santeria spells, Santeria love spells and Santeria rituals are all things that are done in order to keep the human in contact with the various Orishas.  Rituals involve various types of dancing, the drumming of drums, and speaking to Orishas.  Eating with the spirits is also done.  Rituals and Santeria spells are usually done in people’s homes or in rented halls with an altar the focus of the attention.  Santeria spells need certain items for the spells and rituals and these can be purchase at a botanica. Certain herbs are used for certain Santeria spells, including Santeria love spells that are known only to the practitioners of Santeria. 

The Catholic input into Santeria includes a ritual against the evil eye.  It puts together herbal baths along with the saying of three Our Fathers, three Ave Marias and three Credos. 

A special ritual is called Bembe. It involves dancing, drumming and singing and possession of an individual or more than one individual by an Orisha happens in which they perform an amazing and spectacular dance for the others.