Spells to Return Lost Lovers and Bring back an Ex

How to cast spells that return lost lovers, bring back an ex and reunite you with your lover

If you’ve ever lost a lover, you may be ruminating on getting them back and wonder if there is a way to fix a broken relationship so that the two of you can be a happy couple you once were.  Fortunately, there is a magical way for the two of you to get back together using a spell to return a lost lover.  Spells to bring back an Ex can use the energy behind a magical spell to reunite lovers and win back lost love.

The idea behind it is that past lovers have a deep connection with one another.  The lovers’ hearts and souls are connected free of manipulation and with total free will.  Unfortunately, something happened to interrupt that connection so that you cannot be together. A return love spell can reconnect the lovers’ connection to one another and can bring them together, even if one part of the partnership doesn’t have the same feelings they once had for the other person.

Through returning lost lover spells, you can win back lost love and can allow the other individual to fall in love with you even after you have broken up.   The magic is put into motion so that all of the problems you used to have will melt away and only love will remain.  You can fix a broken relationship and win back a lost love so that you may never feel like you had broken up in the past.

Love energies will penetrate his or her heart and their soul so that the feelings they once had will return again.  The negative feelings and problems contributing to the breakup can be eradicated using reuniting love spells.  The basis of the love will once again be pristine and there will be perfect love and true commitment to each other.

The results of these spells are powerful and long lasting, regardless of how severe your problem was.  You can regain the sexual tension you once had and you will be tender lovers who really care about each other.

The type of reuniting love spell that you use depends on the type of witchcraft you practice.  Some practices work well regardless of the type of witchcraft you practice.

One “Bring back my Love Spell” involves getting a length of red yarn and then a small amount of rosemary (dried), a small envelope, a small coin that you have found outdoors and  a compass, if you don’t know your directions. You take the envelope and write the name of your past love on the inside of the envelope.  Rub the coin in the rosemary and hold them together in your clenched fist.  As you do this, you need to say your past lover’s name four times, facing all four directions.  Start with north first and then go east.  Then go south and finally west.  Put the coin in the envelope, seal it, kiss the sealed envelope and role it up. Take the red yarn and tie it around the envelope and put it in one of your favorite places.  As to the rosemary, take it outdoors and cast the rosemary to the wind.  Tell yourself, “Come back to me, come back to me”.  This will bring your lost love back.

There are other reuniting love spells that can reunite lovers successfully.  You too can win back your lost love and can fix a broken relationship forever.