Obeah Spells and Obeah Love Spells

How to use Obeah Spells and Obeah Love Spells to improve your life

Obeah is a religion based out of Africa which has a focus in sorcery.  It is also known as Obi, the origin of which is shrouded in mystery and secrecy.  The translation of Obeah means “occult power” and it uses obeah spells unique to obeah and which have along oral tradition dating many centuries ago.  There are many words for obeah, including Umbanda (Brazil), Condomble de Congo (Congo or Angola) or Kumina in Jamaica. 

Obeah is a very strong religious practice and obeah spells, including obeah love spells are very strong.  It is practiced by Muslims, Christians and Hindus alike and relies on Jinns and angels.  It is a religion that can be used to help people, such as in areas of romance, work, health and domestic life.  It is also used to do harm to those you happen to be jealous of or want to have revenge upon. 

Obeah is similar to voodoo and Wicca in that charms are used to protect the person from harm or from an evil intent.  Obeah spells are similar to the spells used in Shamanism.  In Obeah, the leader and advisor is known as the Obeah man.  It can be a male or female and is the person used for advice on spiritual matters and to help those who are possessed by an evil entity. The Obeah man can talk to the spirits possessing the person and can perform the Obeah version of exorcism.  The person is then healed from the evil entity.

There are some who believe Obeah is an evil type of religion while others know that there are positive Obeah love spells and other spells that result in a positive end.  One of the beliefs of Obeah is that if a child is born with an extra piece of skin on their face, they can see spirits.  The piece of skin is known as a veil.    

Obeah love spells are extremely strong but are more complicated than some voodoo love spells.  It sometimes requires the power of an Obeah man to get a complicated obeah love spell to work.  An Obeah man is best found in the Caribbean where there are many such individuals and where the practice is performed regularly.  It may involve the making of a talisman or charm—made by the Obeah man. 

There is a lot of secrecy surrounding Obeah love spells.  They are intriguing and highly personal to the individual to which the spell is provided.  The ingredients one puts into an Obeah love spell are different, depending on the person.  If you want to find a lover, the spell is different from wanting to find a life mate.  The individuality and secrecy of the Obeah love spell makes it so very powerful.  There is even a separate spell to bring back a lover who has gone astray.  Because Obeah is such a pure and powerful magic, and because love is a pure and powerful feeling, this makes the practice of Obeah spells important and helpful in cases of love, attraction and the bringing back of lovers. 

The power of the Obeah comes out of the invocation of the deities and of those who are already dead.  Ancestors are greatly important in the practice of Obeah and Obeah spells.  The Obeah man will call on your recently deceased relatives and those relatives you feel you have strong connections to in the past.  They use these spirits to draw up Obeah love spells that can work well for you.