Description of Common Magic Terms

For beginners of magic it is important to know the meaning of common magic terms


A five-pointed star representing the spirit and the four elements and is a magical symbol for Wicca.  In the past, the Pentagrams were used by the ancient Greeks and Babylonians.  It also symbolized Jesus’ wounds for Christians and the Star of David for the Jews.


A form of witchcraft where the worship of a god and goddess is common.  These deities are mostly worshipped through nature.  This religion is commonly associated with white magic and spell casting.


A form of magic or sorcery usually associated with witches and the Wiccan religion.  It can either be witchcraft of black magic where power is used to do harm to others or white magic which is intended to be positive, uplifting and protecting.


Usually defined as a person or community who either has no religion or believes in many gods and is part of a polytheistic religion (ancient Romans or Greeks).  They worship nature and are also called Neopagans.

Spell Casting

The art of casting a spell or projecting one’s wishes and desires to make them become reality.  It uses incantations, rhyming words and sometimes magical materials.  It requires great concentration and has to be performed at a time corresponding to phases of the moon etc.

Spell Caster

A person who casts spells and uses magic to help themselves or other realize their dream.  This is usually a witch, a warlock or wizard who has acquired their magic powers from rigorous study or inherited their abilities from the supernatural.


A female magician or sorcerer who is believed to be endowed with magical powers, practices magic and does spell casting.  They are usually followers of Wicca.  The male counterpart of the witch is a warlock.

Candle Ceremony

One of the many kinds of spell casting.  This is a ritual that requires a number of candles that represent firstly a nature god and goddess.  The other candles included in this ceremony are candles representing values such as wisdom, justice, faith, etc.


An incantation, chant or group of rhyming words spoken, written or sung that is believed to have magical effect in which one’s wishes are granted.  It can be spells for love, riches, luck, health, and protection.


The art related to the supernatural.  It involves spell casting, nature worship and rituals.  It is the use of spells and charms to control events or affect natural forces for the benefit of the practitioner.


A person with who is naturally intuitive or has a strong sixth sense.  They are sensitive to energies like the aura and are able to access information from the spiritual world.  They have a strong connection to the subconscious which enables them to predict future events.


Considered an occult religion practiced mainly in the Caribbean countries.  It is mainly a combination of the West African belief that all things have souls and Roman Catholic ceremonial elements.  It is believed that these souls and deities talk to voodoo adherents in dreams and trances.


A set of cards usually used in the Wicca or any occult religion for fortunetelling.  There are 78 cads all in all divided into the major arcana and the minor arcana.  Each card depicts either virtues, vices or elemental forces.


Are also known as psychics or clairvoyants.  They can connect with the spirit world and can read the energy around a person facilitating predicting that person’s future or even conversing with the departed to bring closure to the loved ones left behind.