Love Spells are not bad!

There are many misconceptions when it comes to love spells. They are not bad or evil.

Love can sometimes be like magic but magic can sometimes be an illusion, Javan, an Iranian born inventor once said. Mr. Javan failed to see that love and magic are the same in every aspect in the sense that love can sometimes be an illusion too. Pure love can be given to people unworthy of such a love that they don’t give the same love back or take that love given them for granted. This leads to heartbreak and frustration on the part of the one who gave real love. In order to avoid the heartache, some people are now looking to love spells.

Spell casting in general has always been a staple in throughout the history of the world. Love spells have been used by Egyptians who documented their true love attraction spells in papyri and love spells have been used by the Greeks who recorded them in their scrolls and engravings. Love spells as evidenced by these pieces of history have been in existence since time immemorial and have at one time or another run into disbelievers and people who say love spells are bad.

It is said that love spells are bad because 1) anything that is brought on by spell casting is not true love, 2) spell casting is a tool for personal gain and 3) the idea of casting a spell on someone makes them lose their free will and are thus being controlled. Upon further inspection though, love spells are not harmful for the spell caster or the target. Love spells can lessen the risk that one has to take in finding real love.

There are many kinds of spells for any kind of wish a person has out there. There are prosperity y spells, health spells, and luck spell. Love spells are different from spells that bring infatuation or lust. That is why spells have to be cast correctly in order to obtain that which is really desired. If you are unsure of your capability for casting spells, you can always get the help of an experienced spell caster. Another argument that says love spells are bad is the belief that spell casting is for personal gain.

There is nothing as pure and as noble as having the desire to be loved and finding someone to love. Never has there been an element in life so powerful that it defines a person’s existence and molds their lives for the better. True love brings happiness and to aid in bringing that happiness to one’s life with love spell casting is admirable and good in itself. Lastly, love spells are criticized since they are seen as a way to manipulate the person for whom the spell is cast. Just like the genie in the story of Aladdin in Arabian Nights, a spell caster cannot make a person love somebody. All they can do is set the mood for falling in love and bring out the love that is within people. Spells increase the attraction between two people if there is even an attraction to speak of. If there is none, then there is nothing to be done. If it is not meant to be, the love spell won’t work. The one seeking love will have to find a person worthy of their love for the spell to work its magic.

Contrary to popular belief, love spells are not bad. The most popular religion that uses spells, Wicca, does incorporate in the Wiccan doctrine that “bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust, live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.” At the end, it reiterates, “these eight words the rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will."