Is Magic Real?

Yes, magic is real and we can use magic spells to influence our lives and solve problems

When I was a kid, I love to watch shows that have certain magic in it. I used to believe that magic and magic spells are true. I even loved the thought of being able to do magic on my own. I love it when complicated things can turn to simple things because of magic. I did not know when it started but as I grew up, my fascination for magic is fading away. There was even a time that I became a non-believer of magic and thought that it was just a child’s play. Then I had kids of my own who asked me is magic really real?

If I were to be honest to my kid that time, I would have said no and it was just for child’s play. But remembering how magic used to make me happy, I just smiled and said yes. I never forgot the delightful look on the eyes of my kid when I said yes. Right then and there my kid started making up some spells and pretended to do magic. It was as real as it can be looking it from a child’s eyes. I thought and asked myself, when I started to stop believing on magic when I used to live and love it. For me, it was as real as it can be during the times that I truly adored everything about it. I decided then to do a little research if magic is really real or was it just a figment of my imagination.

I went back to what I remember about my magic fascination days and had tried to go online. I was amazed and humbled to find out that magic is not just child’s play but a lot of respected adults seriously believe it. Perhaps the reason on why it has been losing popularity as we grow up is because it’s not one that is easily accepted by the society. This is quite strange because when you track back the history of magic or even simple history, you will come across some hints and facts that suggest that magic was used all the time. There was even a time that it was taught to every individual. The sad thing is, for whatever reason when it was stopped being taught to regular people, it had became an off topic especially for those who are not gifted to understand the inner depths of magic.

Magic is everywhere and around us. It’s a part of our everyday lives, we just don’t realize it. Like the wind, we don’t see it but we feel it, magic is not something that we have to see to believe it as it can be felt. We have become so busy with our everyday lives that we don’t feel the magic that is around us anymore. Air, fire, water and earth are the elemental magic that we don’t even get to recognized. For example, wearing a sky blue clothing often gives you the magic of enlightenment. Sky blue is an air color and attracts magical air when we wear it.

Magic is not hard to understand. Seeing it in movies may be a stretch and could be an exaggeration but if you really open your eyes and see what a child sees in magic, you will get to feel it and get to understand it. Understanding magic means you have to be open and have deeper understanding on how such elements play a big role in our lives and not just on a physical level but also the mind and most of all the spirit.