How Do Love Spells Work?

In order to make a love spell work you must know how love spells actually work

Love in all its stages from falling in love to entering into a commitment is a spell in itself. A spell by definition is to be put into a trance, to be charmed, to be enchanted or to win the complete affection of someone. It is often said that one has not truly lived until he has experienced love and was given love. It is from this basic quest of being fulfilled as a person that love spells come into play. Many people are now relying on love spells to find their one true love. Love spells can either be cast by oneself or by a spell caster.

Regardless of who casts it, basically, thinking and visualizing what you desire is enough to start a spell. Visualizing is a way of sending off your request to the universe and energizing it with a power that what is wished for has already come true. Since all things are made of pure energy, thoughts are also comprised of energy. Aligned with the powers of the universe, pure thoughts turn into successful love spells. So make sure that your intentions are clear. Need love instead of just wanting it. Magic is so much stronger if there is a need attached to it.

Also, the aura has to be clean, clear and positive. With a positive aura, your true love will be drawn to you more easily. Focus, focus and more focus is needed in love spell casting, too. Make the scenario in your head concise and to the detail. Avoid distractions and put time and effort into the preparation and performance of your love spell. Choose a place that is quiet and where you can be alone so that there will be nothing to distract you.

The timing, just like the place also has to be right in spell casting. There are days and times that do affect the effectiveness of a spell and in the case of love spells; Friday is a good day to be casting spells. This is because Friday is the day of Venus. It would also help if there is a full moon on that night. During this phase, the moon is at its most powerful and magic is most potent. Also set a time of when the wish will come into fruition. Make it a specific date. Incorporate the appropriate music, objects, colors and tools into your spell casting. Candles, roses, herbs and oils do add to the intentions of a love spell. They have energies of their own that can contribute to the wish coming true. Surround yourself with the color pink and the scent of apples. It will reinforce the message of the spell into your subconscious and will be more powerful and have more room for the spell to work.

Make the ritual personal by using simple words and words that you yourself understand. You can use the words in a love spell from a book as guidance but it is always better use words that are meaningful to you. Combined with your needs, your desires and the energy you have used to prepare and cast the spell, the words you have used in the ritual will cease to be just words but something that can make your chanting as concentrated as possible. Finally and most importantly, have faith and belief in the spell that you have cast. In line with the positivity characteristic of spells, having genuine belief that the spell you have cast will manifest your desire more. Credendo vides, by believing one sees.