Free Love Spells

Casting free love spells, here you can find two free love spells for you to cast

Love spells are among the most common spells you might want to perform for yourself or for someone you care for.  While you can always use a professional spell caster or witch to do the spell for you, there are tons of free love spells available on the internet so that you can do the spell yourself.  Many free love spells are simple, yet powerful for your use.  A free love spell comes from powerful magic and you can choose your genre of witchcraft from which to draw upon free love spells.  Many free love spells use “ingredients” or items you’ll need for the spell so you don’t have to use a specialized witchcraft place in order to go through the spell. 

Try this free love spell on a Friday near the full moon.  Gather together a piece of lined paper, a red pen or marker, an envelope to fit the paper when folded like a letter.  Bring your favorite perfume and a favorite shade of lipstick and a few pink or red flower petals of any variety.

Write down the qualities you would want for a lover using the red pen onto the paper. Be as specific as you can be. Spritz the page with your favorite perfume. Fold the paper into thirds and put it into the envelope. Envision love and happiness in your life and, with your right hand, drop the petals into the envelope. Seal the envelope and kiss the seal after applying the red lipstick.  Put the envelope in a safe and peaceful place and don’t open it—ever.  Your new love is on his or her way to you. It won’t work if you just pick out a specific person you’re interested in and use it for getting that person. It only works if you put down the characteristics of who you are interested in. The Universe does the rest!

Another of the free love spells is more ornate but is not manipulative at all. It works to grab an individual who has the characteristics you are interested in. First collect a pink candle and a red candle.  Get red or pink flower petals of any type. Get some purple lilacs and a red pen.  Find some white paper and an envelope.  Use your favorite perfume and gather a symbol which represents stability and permanence of your choice in a lover.  It could be a stone or other sign of permanence.

Write down the characteristics you’ll need in a lover.  Then set the paper down on a table or other flat surface and say, “Aphrodite and Venus, bring me a lover.  Let he or she be faithful and true. Let he or she love me for who I am and let me love him or her for who he or she is.” 
Next, you light the pink candle, saying, “Let the first feelings of love strike me and this unknown person.  Let our love be one of friendship and romance.”  Then light the red candle and say, “Our friendship will be strong and we will have the courage and ability to trust each other and to be ourselves, and to help each other overcome whatever crises may befall us.” 

Spray the paper you have written with your favorite perfume and place the flowers and the symbol of permanence in the envelope.  Imagine the feeling of love and safeness you’ll have with the lover as you seal the envelope.  Keep or bury the envelope and don’t open it.  Your love will come to you soon.

You will soon realize that free love spells are amazingly powerful and can do the trick even without having to hire a witch to do them.