Egyptian Witchcraft Spells

How to find true love, return a lost lover or make someone fall deeply in love with you!

Egyptian Witchcraft is a type of magic associated with things in the past, future and the afterlife.  It makes use of spells that produce supernatural things to happen or to control future events. It is based on a powerful, yet ancient practice of magic that originated in Egypt. Some people believe that Egyptian witchcraft came directly from magic practiced in Ancient Atlantis.  It uses love spells and rituals that help things to happen in the future. There are also rituals that offer protection or banishment of evil and is considered a benevolent form of magic. Some people say that there is no stronger form of magic than Egyptian Witchcraft and that is the mother of all magical beliefs.

Ancient Egyptians used magic rituals in order to create practical events in the present time and for religious purposes. The practitioners were once held in the highest esteem, similar to bankers and those practicing the skills of literature and architecture or medicine.  Priests were involved in medicine and were felt to alter the health of a given individual. 

Nowadays there is not that great of a following in Egyptian Witchcraft but it retains its power and respect among some peoples, particularly those living in Egypt. It has great powers and Egyptian magic spells garner great success among those who practice this religion.  They use magic to control, communicate and manipulate gods and goddesses, who in turn control things like the weather and the growth of crops.  It also focuses a great deal on the afterlife and on what happens to people after they die. 

Egyptian love spells can focus on love, returning of lost lovers and on the finding of one’s soulmate.  These are powerful spells that have a great chance of success.  There are also rituals related to defense against one’s enemies.  The ritual uses a clay or wax figure in the shape of the enemy.  The figure is destroyed, realizing the dream of destroying one’s enemy in some way.  The enemy doesn’t have to die as a result of such a ritual but can be destroyed financially, for example.  There are egyptian spells that tell gods or goddesses to hurt another person by giving them bad dreams.  Love potions can be created that, when consumed, causes another to fall in love with you.  A special magic potion can be prescribed for the person you want to fall in love with (or to you) that is used much like a medical prescription. 

There are a number of deities used in the practice of Egyptian witchcraft.  Each deity has a specific purpose and is used to make spells successful.  Practitioners use their magical skills to invoke the gods.  One of the goddesses used by providers of Egyptian magic is Isis.  She carries a great deal of strength and power. 

Egyptian witchcraft is also used for the purposes of future prediction.  Statues of gods act as forms of oracles that predict the future.  Dream interpretation is important in this form of magic.  Dreams are considered ways to connect with the gods and understand the gods’ wishes for us.  Dreams can create contracts between gods and humans that, in turn, makes things happen in the future. That's the reason why so many people experience the most vivid dreams after casting these spells.