Breakup Spells

How to use break-up spells to get rid of an unwanted thrid party. Cast a free spell today

Sometimes you just can’t get someone off your back when it comes to your relationship with your man or woman. The unwanted third party wants you out and wants to intrude upon the fidelity of your lover, making him or her less likely to stick with you. You need a special kind of break up spell — one that casts aside the unwanted third party and keeps your relationship solid and impenetrable.

This kind of situation is not uncommon.  You think your relationship is solid and someone appears at the periphery, looking around and waiting for the relationship to break up.  This person may have a spell of your own in the works, one that is intended to drive a wedge between you and your lover.  You need a spell of your own to counteract the spell placed upon you.

There are many free breakup spells on the internet.

The first thing you want to do in a good break up spell like this kind is to bind your lover to you.  It’s easy and will keep them from straying or being tempted by the third party.  You first must take a special artifact or photo of the person and bind it with tape.  As you do this, you say “(Person’s name), I bind you from doing harm to others or to yourself.”  Do this three times in a row and then repeat the same thing another three times for a total of six times while binding the object the whole time.  It should begin to work right away.

Next you need to get the third party to stay away from you and your lover.  You can try a banishing spell for this part of the problem.  One good banishing spell is to get for tiny pieces of paper on which you write the person’s name you want to banish.  On the other side of the paper, draw a pentacle.  Carve the name and the pentacle on a black candle as well.  Ask for help from your angels or deities and light the candle.  Burn one of the pieces of paper first and say “I banish (the person’s name) with the power of fire. So mote it be.”  Bury the second piece of paper and say “I banish (the person’s name) with the power of the earth.”   Flush one piece down the toilet and say “I banish (the person’s name) with the power of water.”  Finally throw the last piece of paper out of the window and say, “I banish (the person’s name) with the power of the wind.  So mote it be.”  Burn the candle down to the base until it has burned.

This spell works best on when done outdoors and you can use a stream instead of the toilet.  Your intention should be very complete and clear because you cannot reverse it easily. The combination of two spells provides a great break up spell that keeps your lover bound and close to you but banishes the person you don’t want interfering with your life and your love.