Black Magic Spells

Black Love Spells - how they are used and what they can do for you

Black magic is a particular practice of magic that tends to draw upon malevolent deities in order to make something happen, to cure a disease or to do a black magic love spell.  Black magic spells are among hundreds or thousands of spells that have the specific intention to injure another person, draw a lover away from you or destroy something.  Contrary to popular belief, black magic is not used to kill people and it is not innately evil. The difference between black magic and white magic is the specific deities drawn upon as well as the specifics of the spells. 

Rituals are very powerful in black magic. The rituals use the pentagram, herbs, candles, talismans and other items to bring about a natural way for the spell to come true.  It is also important for you to believe in the spell and in the practice of black magic.  Certain words are said a part of the ritual and the magic happens. 

In general, black magic is magic that relates strongly to the themes of separation, death, entropy and severance; however, black magic love spells are as powerful as white magic love spells and have a purpose all of their own.  It can use powerful curses that draw someone away from another and toward you as a lover. Black magic spells can also draw a person away from a habit or object, freeing up the individual to come to you instead.  This is not a negative thing but is a way of thinking of love that is unique to black magic. 

There are different theories on black magic and on what it really means.  There are some that believe that all magic is dark magic and that there is no difference between white magic and black magic.  There is a theory called the “dark doctrine” that believes that black magic calls upon the powers of dark deities but that it doesn’t necessarily contrast with the practices of white magic.  A different theory states that there are different aims between white and black magic.  Black magic spells are more hazardous, according to this theory and use hotter elements and sharper objects as part of the practice of this form of magic.  It uses blood from a victim or the person wanting the spell; it can use parts of their hair and it can use other mementos directly derived from the individual involved in the spell. 

Black magic spells and white magic spells are very different from one another and a spell from white magic can look very different from a spell which is from black magic and yet, they can do the same thing. In addition, the same exact spell can be black or white, depending upon the point of view of the practitioner and on the end result of the spell. Some white spells can be misused by practitioners of black magick spells and can cause, for example, a spell of regeneration to turn into a spell that causes cancer. 

Black magic love spells are nothing to be afraid of if used correctly with the right items and the right words.  You need to be wary of the power of the spell and make sure you know all the ramifications of doing the spell before it is performed. 


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