How to find an Authentic Spell Caster or Witch?

Spell Casters Guide on how to find authentic, genuine and real spell casters that can help

Where do you actually start to search for an authentic spell caster or witch? With so many online spell casters and with the World Wide Web, how can you effectively separate the genuine and real spell caster from the phony casters. This is indeed a difficult task since not all who claim to know about magic, casting a spell and witchcraft actually do. It can be very confusing especially for those who haven’t tried to seek the services of an authentic spell caster. If you happen to ask the same questions then the following tips would be able to help you finding real help on the wide world of the World Wide Web.

Experience of the Spell Caster and Age of the Website

Check how long the website is in existence as well as the years of experience of the spell caster - a spell caster that has been around for quite some time now is usually authentic. If they are not, then they would not be able to last that long in the business. Checking on how long the website is in existence would also be a good way to check if the spell caster is authentic. The rule of thumb here is the longer the existence and the experience, the better and the more convinced you should be that they are authentic.

Website Content

Check the content of the website - this is also a good way to see if they are really authentic spell caster and witch. If the website sounds like a Hollywood movie where they glamorize some spells like spells to make you elevate or spells to make you invisible then think again. Things that are just impossible can’t be done. Even magic spells have their thin line. Trust your instinct because it will tell you if you are on the right path judging on the content of the website.

Asking for more Money

Stay away from spell casters who keeps on asking for more money - some spell casters technique to getting more money out of you is saying that the spell can’t be completed because somehow there is a block somewhere over the rainbow and stuff like that and would ask you for more money. You already know it’s a scam so why even bother to be sweet talked. Listen to your instincts. This is perhaps one of the oldest tricks for fakes and scammers who are out there just to get money and they give the whole spell casting business a bad reputation.

The Form of Magic they perform

A true spell caster will stick to his or her belief. A spell casting website that offers all differnt kinds of magic, such as casting Obeah Spells, Voodoo Spells and Wicca Spells is most likey not a website you want to buy from. As will all religions and beliefs one sticks to one path they follow. A Wiccan High Priestress will perform only wiccan spells and a Voodoo Houngan or Mambo will cast genuine Voodoo Spells and not a little bit of everything. This is not what magic is about. Real Magic is finding the right path and following that one path.

Western Union Payments

Always keep in mind that a real spell caster or witch wants to build a reputation. When a witch decides to offer his or her services on the internet it will register a domain name and won't use a free site where they only have limited control over. They will have to register a business, open a business bank account and automatically qualify for a merchant account so that they can accept credit card payments over the internet. A practitioner that asks you to send money via Western Union is not someone you should trust. Especially when payments have to be sent to helpers, assistants, apprentices, etc. This is one of the tricks the fake spellcasters use to make a quick buck knowing that there is no recourse for the sender to reverse the payment.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Imagine you have an urgent problem and you are hopeless that your problem can ever be solved. Imagine you find someone that actually solves your problem. How would you feel? I would feel thankful and grateful and I would definitely thank the practitoner personally, either trough email or through the website and allow the practitioner to publish the positive words I have to say. I personally wouldn't go to any other website to write reviews, because I would not even know where to go and would have privacy concerns. So look out on how real the testimonials on the practitioner's website sound and if there are enough testimonials to back up the claims made on the website.