Attraction Spells

Easy Spells to attract a lover to you!

What do you do if you find someone you think you can make a beautiful relationship but you can’t get to get their attention and you think they’re not attracted to you?  You use the powerful magic of an attraction spell — a spell that can bring the two of you together.  An attraction spell can be done in many different ways and the spell you use depends on your magical beliefs. Attraction spells can be very powerful but it is up to you and your wiles to keep that person attracted to you.

Here’s a simple attraction spell that can work for you quite easily.  You need to do it at night under the full moon.  Next you take a ring made from silver and wrap it in a clean white cloth.  Bury the ring inside the cloth in some soft earth.  Focus on the lover or type of lover you are searching for and pour a bit of wine or milk over the spot you buried the ring and the cloth.  There are words you must say as you do this.  They include saying, “Blessed mother fair and true, this gift I offer unto you.  Bless this ring and make it shine.  Bring a lover to be mine.  So mote it be.”  Then remember where you buried the ring and dig it up and wear it.  Your potential new lover will be drawn to the ring and to the wearer—you!

An attraction spell can be complicated or simple.  The above example is quite simple and can attract any type of lover.  If you want to attract a certain person, the attraction spell is a bit more complicated but it is powerful and can do the trick.  You need more than a dozen items, including something special belonging to the other person, such as their hair, an item or a cut-out of their face from a photo.  You need a pink rose and ground vanilla pods along with dried avocado, ginger, a few drops of blood, jasmine oil, a red or violet candle inscribed with the love rune, red paper and a red cloth.  You need to do this under a full moon.  You mix the items together into a fine powder and add five drops of blood.  As you drop the blood into the powder, call to the spirits of each major direction and say “Spirit of the (direction), ancient one of fire and passion, with this drop of blood I call you to bring my lover to me.  Each direction has its own characteristic.  Call also on the spirit of Ashka.  Anoint the rose with the remaining paste of spices and blood and anoint it also with jasmine oil.  Set fire to the rose and let it burn itself out in a bowl.  Remove any lumps in the ash left over and put the remainder in an envelope. Seal the envelope with wax from the red candle and send it to the intended lover. 
This can draw a great deal of intense attraction from the person you want to have close to you, and you need to be prepared that this is a real result of the attraction spell you have used.  Make sure you want that person’s attention because you will surely get it.  It can be the start of a beautiful relationship.